Shining the Spotlight on: Jeanette Nel le Roux

Spot 4

to become childlike again

human picasso paintings we are
trying to finish life’s puzzle
with pieces that don’t
quite fit

there are times when our arms
are too short to prevent
the ravening wolves
attacking our lambs

we cannot stop the enemy
from devouring the seeds we sow
it leaves our spirits to starvation
with weights of deeply woven sins

we hide behind sad mona lisa smiles
and we all have feet of clay –
we count our virtues and gifts
in outright self righteousness

pierced hearts with many pangs
yearn for a brand new start
to wipe the past from the slate of our heart –
wishful to become childlike again

©Jeanette Nel le Roux


Writer at Creative Talents Unleashed “Writers Group”


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