“Dreaming in Another Land” – Rati Saxena

Dreaming in Another Land


He wanted her to smile

the dream of living in another land.


He wanted her to dance

like a melody on a violin’s strings.


He wanted to see in her lap

the milk-stained mouth of a sleeping child.


He looked after her

like day-old bread to be relished.


He was trying to save her

from the barbed wire

around Albania or Siberia

that bloomed like flowers from stone.


He loved her more than his country

but lost her far away like his dream,


the same as a young man

of his enemy country.

© Rati Saxena

twoDr. Rati Saxena – Poet/ Translator/ Editor (kritya) / Director Poetry festivals-kritya and vedic scholar. She has 11 collections of poetry in Hindi and English and one each in translated in to Malayalam (translated), Irish, and Italian, and English by other poets. Her poems have been translated in other international languages like, Chinees, Vietnam, Albanian , Spanish, Uzbek. Indonesian Estonian etc .She has a travelogue in Hindi- “Cheenti ke par”, a Memoire in English-“ Every thing is past tense “. a criticism on famous Malayalam Poet Balamaniyamma’s work. Her research on the Atharvaveda has been published as *The Seeds of the Mind–* a fresh approach to the study of Atharvaveda, under the fellowship of the Indira Gandhi National Center for Arts. She has translated about 12 Malayalam works, both prose and poetry, into Hindi and two from Norwagian languages. She has participated in several national seminars and published articles in a number of journals. She secured the Kendriya Sahitya Akademi award for translation for the year 2000. She has been invited for poetry reading in almost 18 prestigious poetry festivals around the world. She has been invited to some American Universities also to talk about Vedic poetry and recite her own poetry like Mary Mount University in Loss angles and University of Seattle ( USA) , She is one of the three representatives from Asia for World Poetry Movement,. She is the only Indian whose poem has been chosen in popular book of china – 110 modern poems of the world.  www.ratisaxena.com

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