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About the Author

Jody Austin

Creative Talents Unleashed is both thrilled and honored to announce the upcoming release of  This Is My Pen – Volume 1  by Author Jody Austin.

‘Tru Story’ is a Registered Professional Nurse, for more than 20 years with specialties in Nurse Education, Mentorship, Cardiology, Oncology, Community Health, and Emergency Medicine. She is also Retired Veteran of the United States Air Force 21 years in the Medical Corps, serving in Campaigns that include: Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Operation Southern Watch, Operations Enduring/Iraqi Freedom. Retired MSgt.

 Poet:  My mother was and is still a poet and artist who introduced me to poetry and expressive writing as a child in elementary school. My bed time stories were of Nikki Giovanni, Sonia Sanchez, Marcus Garvey, Phylis Wheatley, Langston Hughes, Paul Lawrence Dunbar, Chavez, Gil Scott Heron, Khalil Gibran, The Last Poets, and many others.  I was a classically trained musician in the earlier part of my life, and performed with different bands and ensembles. Coming from a family background of music it was in my blood.  My aunt was a jazz singer who performed with many of the greats that include Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie ‘Yard Bird’ Parker. There was always a jam session going on. All of these influences started my creative writing experiences as a child and throughout my adulthood.

 My poetry styles are versatile in which I enjoy bringing a positive message. I participate in open mics and poetry/spoken word events as often as I can.

  ‘This Is My Pen Vol 1.’ Poetry/Spoken Word CD debuted October 4th 2013. I am in the studio working on my second poetry compilation and published chapbook projects.

 Co-Administrator/Co-Founder of Family Poetry Collective (Philadelphia based poetry group)

Co-Founder of ‘The Collective’ Open Mic Poetry & All Artist Open Mic Night Show

Jody Front Cover Preface . . .

 In this book of poetry I share some of my most personal writings with you the reader.  I illustrate how writing about life can be translated from a creative perspective.  Writers are often inspired by our environments and different things that we see around us.  Everything inspires me to write, but most importantly I want to inspire others to write.  It is my desire for all people to tap into their ability to create.  Creating brings about a balance in life.  It allows us to see the beauty in life. Writing has been a very powerful, healing, and therapeutic process for me. I believe that writing and other mediums of art help bring about communication and a different perspective that helps people to grow.  This book evolved from a two year process of consistent writing, learning, and honing my craft. There is a variety of structured and free verse poetry in this book that explores love, relationships, womanhood, empowerment, faith, encouragement and more.  I hope that every reader can relate to the poems and enjoy the beauty of my words.

This Is My Pen – Volume 1

Available May 25th, 2016

Visit Jody’s Author Page At:


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