About the Author: Meet Joanna Maharis


About the Author

Joanna Maharis

Creative Talents Unleashed is both thrilled and honored to announce the upcoming release of  Behind The Eyes Of Paradise
by Author Joanna Maharis.

Throughout the years, Ms. Maharis has done plenty of writing.  It is her greatest joy.  Writing enables her to explore worlds through the written and spoken word.  She enjoys being creator of lives which would have never existed without the power of her imagination.  Aside from being a writer, blogger, and published author, she is co-caregiver for her elderly grandmother.  When she isn’t writing, she likes to workout at the gym, cook with her aunt and grandmother, and delve into a good book.  Every book she reads sparks her curiosity.  Her own published works consists of Dominica’s Inferno (a novel), Japlin And Japlin (a novella), Peering Through A Streaked Window (a collective work of poetry), and four ebooks.

She developed her passion for books in the fourth grade when reading Judy Blume’s Tales Of The Fourth Grade Nothing.  Ms. Blume inspired Ms. Maharis to put pencil to paper, and write her own works of fiction.  In the fifth grade, her teacher assigned the class spelling words each week of which they were to use for creating short stories to present at the end of each week.  Ms. Maharis’s stories were the favorite of her class.

 She attended Kalamazoo Valley Community College for two years and then went on to attend Western Michigan University for two more years where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in creative writing.  Following graduation from college, she competed in numerous literary competitions where she received awards and honors of honorable mention for poetry and prose.  Her poem Ode To I Am earned her a fourth place award in a contest sponsored by Iliad Press and Cader Publishing, Ltd.  She was also a finalist in the 2003 Poet of the Year competition sponsored by the National Authors Registry and Cader Publishing, Ltd., for her manuscript Where Black Waters Flow.

 In May 2005, her novel Dominica’s Inferno was accepted for publication.  It was officially published on April 17, 2006.  As the years progressed, other book publications followed.


Preface . . .

Through the passages of time we are all given a story to tell.  The story of our lives unfolds layer by layer filling us with many lessons to learn along the way.  In doing so, we experience degrees of love, sadness, pain, sorrow, and joy.  It is the magnitude which keeps one whole, triggering our doors toward enlightenment to open.  Every layer varies in degree and depth.  For instance, love has its beginning, middle and end.  For some there is a beginning, middle, end and then a new beginning.  All this comprises life’s greater circle of expansion and knowledge.

 During the course of one’s life he must learn all he can about life.  It won’t all be pleasant.  In this collection of poetry I take the reader on a profound journey of the self more or less through uncovering basic truths not only about the world, but about himself.

 He or she comes to learn we as beings and the world are interconnected.  Every being comprises the fiber of existence for all life.  We hang onto strands tugging at the heart, and leading us toward a new completion of self by way of our experiences.  As we walk through open doors presenting themselves to us, we explore with our sense of wonder.  Therefore, we live, we laugh, we love, we cry, we endure anguish through love and loss.  However, there comes with such knowledge an inner power we never before realized existed.

Behind the Eyes of Paradise

Available May 18th, 2016

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