“Anorexia” – Mahinour Tawfik

  • Anorexia
    Hey perfect beauty, staring at the mirror
    I know you’re fighting lots of wars
    I hear the questions but your answers are bitter
    Each one raises a couple of thousands more
    None ever meets a satiating answer
    Creeps inside, like a relentless cancer
    Devours the insides before bodies wither
    In rather a sentence than indulgence
    Than a choice of being thinner
    Step away from the mirror, hear me out this time
    I know about your pain, all was once mine
    I know what’s like to be possessed by your inside
    Long restless days upon sore sleepless nights
    Awaiting, next morning, the scale to decide
    How that day would go
    “Not perfect enough” was the one thing I know
    All my determination turned into desperation
    I lost everything including myself within
    Locked it behind bars of isolation
    Created an abyss when I‘d spin and spin
    Not for long until I had to fall
    Too fragile to stand, more fragile to crawl
    Then I woke up with white coats all around
    “Where am I”,

    One of ‘em said “you were lying on the ground

    Not moving not breathing”
    “Is she gone?” “No, her heart is still beating”
    That time I saw what I’ll never forget
    A shadow of a girl
    Whose eyes had sunken beneath depths of regrets
    Striving to recall her by hundreds of threats
    I took another breath
    I got my life back, the life I want
    Not anymore the life that haunts
    I had another chance; you deserve one too
    It isn’t over yet, I know you’ll make it through
    Lead the life you deserve
    Why are you kind to the whole world but yourself?
    Hey perfect beauty
    Pick up the mirror but break it this time
    I sense your pain, all was once mine
    © Mahinour Tawfik


    Mahinour Tawfik is from Egypt. She is a medical student born into a family of pharmacists. She wants to be a psychiatrist. Her hobbies are poetry and listening to songs and participation in charity work. Her dream is to travel around the world and be a well-known poetess and a successful psychiatrist.

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3 replies

  1. Struggle is the essence 🙂 an Art that employs patience as a tool to command it .. very lovely


  2. Such a sincere piece of writing.



  1. “Anorexia” – Mahinour Tawfik | Mahinour Tawfik

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