Author Interview with Tracy Seiden

Tracy BooksIntroducing Tracy Seiden

Tracy Seiden is a writer residing in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.  ‘Stardust and Fire, Tales of a Hopeful Romantic’, her first book of poetry and short verse, explores nature, love and heartache, and finding one’s self.  Her writing combines beautiful imagery and thoughtful musings on a life spent searching for a better understanding of the human connection.

Author Lindsey Rhodes states “Seiden’s work portrays a conflict between vulnerability and acceptance placing her within a world of complexities and uncertainties. Vivid pictures are painted throughout to create a literary mosaic.  The reader will gain an understanding of an author that’s baring her soul, yearning for a happy ending and fulfillment.” – Excerpt from Moon Kissed Musings

Author Interview with Tracy Seiden

Creative Talents Unleashed: Hi Tracy, thank you for agreeing to this interview

Tracy: Thank you for having me.

Creative Talents Unleashed: Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

Tracy: I’m 48, I work for disaster assistance helping folks recover after floods and hurricanes and such.  I’ve been doing this line of work for nearly 20 years.  I graduated college in 1990 with a bachelor’s in business and wondered a bit before starting this job in 1996.  I am an only child with siblings – one brother and two sisters from previous marriages.

Creative Talents Unleashed: So when did you fall in love with poetry or writing in general, when did you decide this life was for you? Tell us a bit about that discovery process.

Tracy: About 6 years ago I reconnected with an old friend. 27 years had passed between the last we spoke and our re-connection through the power of social media. We talked extensively about life and where our separate paths had led us, about successes and failures and regrets. About 3 years ago I decided to write letters talking about my upbringing and the things that had made me, me.  It opened up a world of writing for me and I began to write about love and nature and connections. A Facebook friend found my writings and started a page, my page grew from there and I was fortunate to be selected for publishing here in fall of 2015.

Creative Talents Unleashed: Why do you write, what is it that you’re trying to communicate through your work?

Tracy: I think at some point in all our lives we search for what’s missing.  We search and try and find a connection with another, with family, with who we are and what our purpose is.  I write because the words dance in my mind.  I’m a hopeful romantic, young at heart.  I hope my writing communicates hope and understanding about the human connection and finding peace.

Creative Talents Unleashed: Where does your inspiration come from, what might inspire you at any moment to write a story or poem?

Tracy: Wow, well I’d say my initial inspiration came from a need to feel a connection with my friend.  It grew from there and when I started writing stories it came a little from everything – a beautiful sunset, a thunderstorm, a phone call from family, from the significant other; life really.

Stardust and Fire

Creative Talents Unleashed: What was the hardest thing about writing your book?

Tracy: Getting started.  I had really written many stories by the time I was accepted for publishing.  It was getting in there and arranging them, editing, and pressing send.  The stories they are or become part of you.  They reveal things about you and it’s sort of like standing in front of the class to recite your essay.  Nervous and hoping it all comes out the way you want.

Creative Talents Unleashed: What was the easiest thing about writing your book?

Tracy: The actual writing. I would never have thought that, at times we all stare at a blank page.  But the words sometimes simply come.  And I think the longer you do it, the easier it comes when you focus on letting the story form itself.

Tracy Seiden Cover

Creative Talents Unleashed: There are many authors who say that in the process of writing a book you learn things about yourself. Did you learn anything in your book writing process about yourself, if so what?

Tracy: So much. It began for me as a way to introduce myself of sorts. I talked about my childhood; how I grew up, what happened, how my personality developed, key events that changed the course of my life. When I began to write the stories, I had truly found something for which I had a passion.

Creative Talents Unleashed: What in your view is the role or responsibility of a writer or poet, if there is any?

Tracy: I think we all have a role and responsibility to speak our truths.  Poetry has the power to truly move people.  I think the world has become too desensitized.  Amid stories of war and unrest, economic and environmental problems, I think poetry is needed to bring us back to our creative sides to stimulate and provoke thought and feelings.

Creative Talents Unleashed: What are your ambitions as a writer, where do you hope to see yourself in say 5 years?

Tracy: Oh I have about a decade left to retirement at the day job.  I’d like to think I’ll retire somewhere with mountains and maybe try my hand at writing a novel or even an autobiography.

Creative Talents Unleashed: Who is your favorite writer or poet? Perhaps you have a favorite quote from them that you would like to share.

Tracy: EE Cummings.  His poetry is simply beautiful and very romantic.  I’ve not read anything so far that didn’t strike a chord with me.

“Trust your heart if the seas catch fire, live by love though the stars walk backward.” – EE Cummings

Creative Talents Unleashed: What advice would you give to aspiring writers who have dreams of publishing or making writing a career choice?

Tracy: Be fearless. Write until it scares you and then write a little more. Learn how to market yourself and surround yourself with good people.


About the Author

Tracy Seiden lives in Texas.  She works in disaster assistance helping others regain their homes after disasters such as flooding and hurricanes.  Her desire is to retire to live in a cabin by the water somewhere, able to look out over the water and write.

 Her first book, Stardust and Fire, Tales of a Hopeful Romantic was published in November of 2015 and has received excellent reviews.  Tracy’s second book of poems delves deeper into thoughts of love and loss.

 Visit Tracy’s Author Page At:


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