Summer Poetry Writing Prompt

Summer Writing Prompt - June 2016.jpgAre you ready for summer? There’s no vacation from writing, so get your pencils sharpened, those thumbs ready, and the ipad charged for CTU’s Summer Writing Prompt. Starting June 1st, we will be posting an Inspiration Call every day for the entire month. Be inspired by your favorite summer activities. Use some of the hints we suggest or be creative on your own with the prompts. Write poems in any style and look out for our favorites to be featured in our Writer Highlights during the week. Get a head start on writing by checking out the prompts below. Use hashtag #ctusummer when you post.

1. My summer getaway

What are some places on your bucket list for a summer getaway? Do you prefer a cruise or a hiking trip? Do you feel more comfortable checking out local sites where you live? Tell us about some of the fascinating places you have been or would love to visit.

2. Favorite ice cream flavor

Are you a chocolate or vanilla person? Do you prefer a weird mix of flavors? Or maybe you prefer a sundae or ice cream sandwich. Tell us about the frozen treat that refreshes your palette.

3. Campfire tales

Do you have a fun story to tell of the days you went camping? Are you the one telling stories around the fire? Get creative and make up your own tale in a poem.

4. Be like the sun

Without the sun we could not survive. What does this bright star mean to you? How does your light shine? Give us some metaphorical poetry about our sun.

5. World Environment Day

Do you play a part in protecting the planet? Give us some poems inspired by nature, the environment, or any other aspect connected to World Environment Day.

6. A conversation at the Farmer’s Market

Have a little fun with this one. Do you ever wonder what the fruits and vegetables on the stands may talk about? Have you listened to some funny conversations between people while doing your own shopping? Don’t be afraid to throw in some comedic flare.

7. The Blockbuster movie about your life

Do you feel like sometimes you have been swept away in the Land of Oz? Do you think you have relationships of the wonderful and weird like Carl from Up? Tell us about the blockbuster movie that mirrors your life.

8. A beach scene

Whether it is the ocean or a lake, describe a perfect summer beach scene or tell us about some observations you made while working on your tan. If you live too far away from the water, tell us how you envision it to be.

9. Which road to take

Life takes us on many twists and turns. We have all had to make tough decisions at some point. Share some of your good or bad journeys and how it affected your life. Let the road be your muse.

10. What quenches your palette

What is your summer drink of choice – lemonade or iced tea? Tell us what other concoctions quench your thirst in the heat of summer.

11. Summer tunes

A catchy tune is always a big hit over summer. Give us a poem inspired by the music you love to dance or listen to.

12. The thoughts you bloom

Summer is the time for daisies and dahlias to bloom? What positive thoughts feed your heart and soul during this time of the year?

13. Pirate on deck

Has the nautical theme filled your décor? Do you prefer the freedom of the seas over land? Give us some sailing stories or pirate fantasies in today’s poetry challenge.

14. Yard Sale finds

One can find some strange things at a yard sale. Tell us about unusual items or even people you met at a yard sale. Did you ever get a great deal and find the item to be of value? Share some rare antique finds as well.

15. A love letter

Write a poetic love letter to your significant other, a parent, a brother or sister, even a friend. Let your love for another shine in this poem.

Summer photos.jpg

16. How do you BBQ

Are you a grill master? Do you have a secret BBQ recipe? Get inspired to write some food poetry or share some barbecue adventures for this inspiration call.

17. Objects in a time capsule

Write a time travel inspired tale about the objects put or found in a time capsule. Tell from the point-of-view of the objects before and after they are placed. The possibilities are endless with this one.

18. Picnic scavengers

Get into the mind of the ants scouring for food. What do you think the birds stalking your lunch are saying to each other as they wait for your leftovers? Be creative with the thoughts and observations of picnic scavengers.

19. Father figures

Be inspired to write poems about dad, whether yours was a hero or never around. Show gratitude to other father figures in your life.

20. Book title inspiration

Use any book title as inspiration for this challenge. Write a poem about the book or just let the word relate to your thoughts in another way. Try book spine poetry if you desire.

21. How you feel about watermelon

Watermelon treats have come a long way. Tell us about your favorite way to eat or drink it or why you dislike it.

22. No technology for a day

Could you live without your cell phone or the Internet? Tell us what you would do without technology or how you think the world would survive without it for a day.

23. It’s all about PINK

Think pink for this challenge. Why do you love it or hate it? What does it remind you of? Can it be used metaphorically? Explore all angles with this one.

24. People watching

What are some of the amazing or strange things you have discovered watching people? Tell us a story about a stranger you are observing. Let the people you know or don’t know inspire you for this one.

25. Charitable deeds

Is there a cause you support? What random acts of kindness have you seen lately? Use any charitable deed to motivate your poem for this challenge.

26. Forgiveness

Be inspired by the act of forgiveness. How has it changed your life? What does it mean to you to be forgiven?

27. Out of your comfort zone

Do you play it safe or step out of the box? Tell us what it is like to step out of your comfort zone. Give us all positive or negative experiences.

28. Marshmallow dreams

Go back to childhood for this one. Bring back the memories of s’mores, marshmallow fluff or those sweet little peeps. Are you still addicted to these treats today?

29. Let your eyes be the camera

Think of your eyes as the lens and capture what you see in this poetry challenge. Whether on vacation or just going to work…pick a particular scene of the day and write about it.

30. Wish you were here postcard

Write a few lines as you would on a postcard. Share your summer adventures and activities.

Written by: Donna J. Sanders

Donna is a freelance writer and blogger in West Palm Beach, FL. She is the author of Ataraxia, Cardboard Signs, and Devour Me.

Find out more about her here:

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