Writer Highlight Featuring: Tijjani Muhammad Musa









Let Me Drink Some Water

Let me drink some water… At least it is willing to do my wish… Allow me touch it with both hands… Yet, it never said “I love you”… Can’t say that of her though… She said that and much more… A tender kiss and a brief goodbye… Now she’s gone for eternity… The wind has charmed her away… A blowing gust with a name… What ever did I do wrong?.. I thought she was different… My heart I surgically dissected… That she might see, for her… It contains more than just blood… Or tissues, or veins, or feelings… That love fountains in it, a dance… Amazing, even to me. O how enchanting… Alone I came, found her, love her… Alone I sit now, with spring water… Crashing a celebration of my company… Playing exciting music for my presence… If only she is here with me… What a wonderful paradise this would be.

© Tijjani Muhammad Musa

Response to our Inspiration Call on May 27th, 2016


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Photo credit: © Mint Images/Corbis

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