“I am a Coal Miner” – Daniel MacFadyen

I am a Coal Miner


I have always been a coal miner,

struggled in the dank dark

to chip a way at life

in what is dark and cold .


I can rise every day

to the red carpet sun;

Become new and feel

kids kisses and soft rain.


And every day,

wash, breathe, remember,

that my time up here

is surely limited.


Every day the darkness below

pulls me to something

beyond the forearms of clerks.


How scared and brave

every inch of black rock

has made me, mad and full –

As human as anyone

can be.


Still I do know,

(sure as anyone),

I will return to that

dank dark black.


But for now,

I pull myself up

from this bed of us.


Full of our human smell,

so happy that I can know

and breathe you

on my day off.


© Daniel MacFadyen

macfadyenDaniel has been published in a number of anthologies and numerous journals including Canadian Writer’s Journal, Quills, Off the Coast and on The Poetry Super Highway.  In 2014 Daniel was the editor for an international poetry anthology, In Transit: Poetry of People on the Move (Border Town Press).  Born in Toronto, Ontario, Daniel was educated in and worked in the environmental field for many years.  He did not start writing poetry and shorty stories until he was nearly forty.  He currently lives and paints in Perth, Ontario, Canada.

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  1. Wonderful write Daniel with a great ending.


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