Poetry in Motion – Author Glenda Higgins

Poems stretching around the world
From pens of trouble
And pens of love
To tell it all again
In foreign tongues

Stretching, stretching, can they reach
The stones on the forgotten beach
Where man began
In a distant land
Marking tributes to the gods

Who visited with fire
From the sky – silver and gold
Flashing radiant wonders
Stretching, stretching, did they reach?
Our primitive minds

Waiting with sharp stones
To carve poems
Washed by the waves
Over millenniums
Waiting to be reborn

Poetry in motion
A forgotten way to see
Let’s form lines around the globe
And write some poetry
Stretching, stretching…

© Glenda Higgins

Glenda Higgins

Excerpt from the book “Poetry in Motion”

Glenda HigginsAbout the Author 

Glenda spent her early work in libraries – ten years in various positions, including cataloguing, which launched her on a favorite pastime of reading everything under the sun.

 Her start as a poet surprised her. She took a poetry-writing course. Two hundred poems wrote themselves in a furious manner, in two weeks.  This led to performing poetry in cafes and on the radio and about three hundred more poems.

Visit Author Page At: www.ctupublishinggroup.com/glenda-higgins.html


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