“These August Nights, Those Fairground Lights” – Tonya Eberhard

These August Nights, Those Fairground Lights


those wild summer nights of these fairground lights

eyeless but blinking


nighttime carousel rides, a counter-clockwise fairytale. those speared

wooden horses


eyes twinkling with malicious intent, forever riding

‘round and ‘round


into merry nothingness. Vertical carousel of the sky, spinning clock

tick tock


apple of twilight’s eye. The dizzying lights of the Ferris wheel constant

up down up


those food concessions, trembling lights making the insides

hum for


corn dog  fries lemonade ruby red dipped caramel apples

memories thick


as those strawberry milkshakes. pink liquid dripping from the mouth like

a dollop of blood


these wild nights past curfew, those bright nights with

no stars


© Tonya Eberhard

IMG_1014 (1)Tonya Eberhard recently graduated from the University of Missouri. She currently lives in Minnesota. Her work has appeared in Dirty Chai, Lingerpost, Yellow Chair Review, Open Minds Quarterly, Sun & Sandstone, among others.

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