“Eternal River” – Deepa Chandran Ram

Eternal River

Sun’s blaze broils
thick flesh of clouds
pinnacled low on mountain high.

Arista of measureless streams
born of thousand native names
flow downstream
like a damsel
of golden tresses
and bee hives in her lip curls,
wailing over her lost lover.

Muddy rivulets
that tread the land of ceaseless volcanoes
on the earth,
breed naked apes in her womb.

The waning moon glows with
artistry infrangible
on your erratic ripples,
floats in gaily mingled ecstasy.

Million canola flowers on your lagoon
sprawl golden pulses in heaps, while birds
tweet their obeisance
to your inumbrate shallows.

History spews anthologies, indigenous
on your youthful bank,
seasoned to handicraft
another race,
resurrected and hallowed.

Thousand secrets of buried treasures
clamoured on your pebbles
hums to your fables of love and loss.

Oh! River,
wade in your fortuity of birth and death,
cry your duress saline floods
into the saltless ocean of prophecy
unfolding its untrammelled tales
as you survive the ravages of space and time
never to be born again.

© Deepa Chandran Ram

IMG-20141123-WA0013Dr. Deepa Chandran Ram was born in Trivandrum, India, poetry has always been my way of life, since childhood, along with music. My mom was a musician, and learning of music from a tender age influenced me a lot in my poetries. Although I graduated in Science, poetry has consumed a better part of my life, my perception and relationships, both personal and professional.  I secured PhD in Science in 2002, and is settled as Scientist and lecturer in Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. I have written more than 500 poems and numerous translations from mother tongue to English. Recently I was selected as one of the best five international poets of 2016, by the World Union of Poets.

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  1. Suppressed emotions find a turbulent outlet in Deepa’s poem. In this poem is the river is her muse whom she narrates her anguish, spells her desires and see her feelings reflected in the flow of the river. Beautiful words, beautiful narration.



  1. “Eternal River” – Deepa Chandran Ram | Poetry Media

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