“Black or White” – Cynthia Howton

Black or White


Black or white

this creature blends her true stripes

Is she fooling herself?

Is she a fool herself?

Moving in a blur

I can’t witness her defined lines


I am angel of truth and lies

I know her mono swathed blanket

This zebra covers her skin


Hear me, liar, I see all your works

Don’t hide behind father’s tired hands

Made wrinkled the decades creased.

You gleam his imprisoned age


God damn you

You left the sage

Now the water carves your way

Will you swim through

Or cash out your father’s grave


I am angel of dark and light

Aunt raised her hand against baby girl

And dashed her head for lucre

For housing

And her food stored by the stolen husband, her unfaithful  lover


God damn you My father’s sister

Can you rid the night of your white mistakes


Judgement calls your quiet soul all day and in Christ’s light:

The ever dimming excuse for eliminating choice


© Cynthia Howton

CynthiahowtonI am a professional musician from Austin TX.  I love to write poetry in my spare time.  I work as a private music instructor. I play the viola and I love performing.  My favorite pass time includes reading modern poetry.

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