When A Song Opened My Eyes – D.B. Hall



When A Song Opened My Eyes


Every moment spent waiting

at this dirty Bolivian stop

waiting for a brightly colored bus

to come rolling up

through the searing heat

is spent listening to boring tunes

playing on the tienda’s radio.


A brightly colored bus pulls up

and the music changes

to something that really caught my imagination

I’m not sure who it is

I hear “Man In The Mirror”

and I’m hooked

as I climb on board

and head down to the post office.


A lot of Spanish people

were nodding to the beat of this English song

I wonder if they understand the words

and I wonder if  English people

understand the message;

myself, I was finally seeing

the beggars on the street

how many times have I walked by

averting my proud eye.


I found out who the singer was,

Michael Jackson

and his beautiful song

have stuck with me to this day.


From all his hits like Bad

Billy Jean

Smooth Criminal

Dirty Diana

Black or White

to The Way You Make Me Feel

there was always something

in his music

that connected with me.


But till the end of my days

that first song

heard in a packed bus

on a cobblestone street in South America

will always be the one

that really grabs my ear

it will always be my favorite one

where the King of Pop

asks the man in the mirror

to change his ways.


Hard Times and Dangerous Curves

Life gets hard

unbelievably hard at times

and yes

it gets to me

oh yes it does indeed.


Makes me want to drive

listen to Metallica

cranking some angry hard guitar riffs

push the gas pedal through

the floor

and be the angry hog

filled with road rage.


But once I get home

with my laptop screen flipped up

and my earbuds in

I’ve started listening

to more and more blues

still love those guitar riffs

but they seem

so much cooler

coming from a guitar named Lucille


B.B. King made her talk so sweet

Clapton and SRV,

dudes with nicknames like Mississippi


Howling Wolf

and Muddy Waters

how could it not be cool?


I let these wise old souls

tell me their stories

of dangerous work

of dangerous curves

and love that lost

before it’s been found

yeah I let them sing me their sorrows

I let them sing me the blues

and it takes me to a better place


© D.B. Hall

Excerpt from the book “Poetic Melodies”


Preface . . .

There is a human language that encompasses the globe, regardless of race, color, creed or country. Much the same way as laughter or tears, or any of our human emotions. When we see someone laugh, there is a universal language that is communicated by all of us. We know they are happy. Just as when we see someone crying, it is generally accepted to mean they are, most likely, sad. However, the language I am referring to goes beyond the sight of emotions, and runs deeper than the tear streaked lines of a sad face. I am speaking of a language that can penetrate to the deepest depths of the human psyche, it can be felt in the beating of our hearts and it can leave us soaring among our dreams.

This universal language is music.

  Upon these waves of sound we can find our spirits lifted to the heavens, we can feel the beats and the rhythms in our beings and we are moved by the vibrations. We may become lost in a memory or a moment of time may be singled out by the distinct patterns and oscillations of a melody. We may gather by the thousands to listen to this music together or we may be alone in our rooms, or be dancing with our friends or  cuddling with our love, but the universal language of music expands human communication beyond the normal realm. It propels us into the wavelengths of our souls, and it is there that we become in tune, we find our harmonies, and we recognize that there is a true power in music.

The poetry included in this book seeks to capture that essence and tap into that power. These are the lines of communication opened and inspired by the universal language called music.

Christopher Allen Breidinger, Author

100% of all proceeds from this book are being donated to the “Starving Artist Fund” to assist writers in becoming published authors. Please support a writer today!

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