Inspiration Call: Tell this woman’s story


Inspiration Call: Tell this woman’s story. What is she feeling in this present moment?

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  1. Inspiration Call: Tell this woman’s story
    By Raja’s Insight on July 22, 2016

    She herself could be

    She could be but for her now ageing carcass
    She herself could be the Hindu goddess
    Of fortune with her soft date-palm tree broom
    She could be ‘Lakshmi’ in that bright costume.

    Also known as ‘Sri’ the goddess of wealth
    ‘Diffusing light or radiance’ and in stealth
    Such a broom could get rid of evil forces…
    Her face says she’s no time for hobbyhorses.

    But this broom isn’t special, it’s for outdoors
    And the old lady, she somehow reinforces
    We’ve all our very own light and radiance
    We can sweep ourselves into irradiance.

    To coin an old biblical statement
    ‘Idle hands are the devil’s workshop’.

    Author Mark Andrew Heathcote


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