Inspiration Call: Word Prompt Wednesday


Inspiration Call: Word Prompt Wednesday: BLUE FLAME

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  1. Blue flame

    Cold brackish heart waters don’t flow backwards
    They trickle underground—ceasing slowly to be
    Evaporating to salt crystal tear duct, caverns
    That slowly collapse to a point of singularity.
    There they get dabbed away, O blue flame
    Why is it they ignite this ongoing pain
    This rhapsody of emotion thought once overcame
    It’s too difficult to control and ascertain.
    Blue flame eternal: frist love is you now
    A pale imitation lets your flame be, gone
    It’s time another shone—so I can vow
    True love, forever and ever erelong
    To her, now river waters sweet flowing
    My heart to hers blues blue, blue glowing.

    © 2016 Mark Heathcote


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