Spotlight Poet: Nidhi Popli

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Why do things happen as they do ?


Why do things happen as they do ?
I have no answers…
Does a leaf swirling gently to the ground,
ever ask the tree why it let go ?
Does a rose ever ask the snowflakes,
as they fall and freeze it,
eventually withering it,
why they do so ?
Does the bird, homeward bound,
ever ask the dusk,
why it falls,
slowly, but surely,
without fail every day ?
Does the shore
ever ask the waves,
why they continue to kiss the shoreline,
even after being turned away ?
Somethings just happen…
because they are meant to.
We don’t question them…ever !
Like…me and you.
A story which had to happen…
Accept this too.
Unquestioningly…as I do.

© Nidhi Popli

Featured Writer from “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”


Photo Credit: © Donna Sanders

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  1. Profound devotion, brought forward with convincing simile. You make the case well, to accept a love that is meant to be.

    Liked by 1 person

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