Shades of the Same Skin: Adam Levon Brown

Adam Introducing Adam Levon Brown

From and currently resides: Oregon, USA

 I was born to life of poverty, living on food stamps and section 8 housing with two mentally/physically disabled parents. I played all day and slept all night. I had a simple childhood filled with enormous amounts of fun.

 Between watching movies with my Dad, playing my Nintendo, playing with friends, or getting on my mom’s nerves, I had a little black covered book I would write short stories in. My mother and I would sing Freddy Fender and Johnny Cash and I absolutely adored the lyrics. It led me to listen to music constantly in my teens, which most likely influences my writing today.

 I learned from my father at an early age to always root for the underdog, which is what led me to volunteer and intern with Oregon Student Public Interest Research Group while in college. I plan on changing the world one person at a time by helping out in the community, or just spilling my guts out in poetry (which hopefully inspires others to do the same.) I was born and live In Eugene, Oregon, United States.

 Adam’s pages:


The Slug

I grew up on 5th and Jefferson in the heart of Eugene, Oregon.  I used to play outside a lot, sometimes with friends and sometimes alone. I was obsessed with spiders, ants, birds; anything that moved and lived.

One day, when I was 8 years old, I was out playing in the dirt in the yard next door to mine. It was a house that my friend Adrian lived in. We discovered a slug that appeared to be bleeding. I got really upset about it, picked it up gingerly with both hands and rushed home. I knelt down with the slug in my hands right outside of my family’s apartment door.

“MOM!” I yelled.

She is a stern woman and was born in Denison, Texas. She has a distinct accent.

“Adam, did you warsh your face?” she asked.

Of course I didn’t wash my face, only losers listen to their mom’s, and I was cool kid.

“Mommy, help. There is a hurt slug!” I yelled.

She smiled and handed me a can of abrasion healing spray. I immediately began spraying the slug down with spray only to find that it killed the slug.

I was so distraught that I started crying.

My dad is also stern, but gentler than my mom. He was born in Portland, Oregon and has a northwestern accent.

“Adam, slugs don’t use people medicine, it kills them,” he said in a comforting voice.

I had tears streaming down my face and I was really quiet. My dad hugged me, but I will still crying for most of the day until it got dark. We laughed about it that night while watching television.

Adams Flower

Photo Credit: Adam Levon Brown

This flower is a pink Rhododendron. They are native to Oregon and bloom early in the Spring time. I see them often on my hikes on Mount Pisgah and my walks through Delta Ponds here in Eugene.

California fun

 One hot and

Humid summer

Day in San Diego.

Surfboard in arm,

And a smile on my


Waves of blue-white

Foam splashing against

My bare, reddened ankles.

Feelings of joy

And carelessness


The insecurity

Which I held

Deep inside.

The Pacific


The very blood

In my veins

And the hole

That had become

My heart.

I built

A sandcastle

That day

With my nihilism

As the sand

I let the waves

Of joy

Wash it

All away.

Shades of the Same Skin Cover Shades of the Same Skin is an anthology of culture. The world is in need of a vigorous seasoning and it is why the poets in this book are willing to share their ethnicity. Each one will give some insight into their culture, music, clothing, food, traditions, and even share a few recipes. Some will engage in unique stories and folklore. Others will take us back to their childhood days and compare it to the experience of children today. A few will even welcome us into their homes to share items from their heritage.

This is also a book of unity. Its purpose is to show that without diversity, the world would be a boring place. Each poet in this anthology has a unique style because of where they came from, their experiences, and who they are. Their words are printed on these pages to inspire why we belong. We are all vital ingredients for the recipe to keep the world stirring.

Shades of the Same Skin is Available at the following Retailers:

Create Space:


Creative Talents Unleashed:

100% of all proceeds from this book are being donated to the “Starving Artist Fund” to assist writers in becoming published authors. Purchasing this book can help a writer become a published author!


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  1. I really like both of these. However “The Slug” particularly touched me. Your description of who you are as a kid and your feelings is so vivid. Inspires me to look at myself as a kid and come up with a story for a poem from my childhood. So thank you for that.


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