Introducing Daryl P. Hall “Lifelines for the Soul”

Lifelines for the Soul

Preface . . .


This volume of poetry was borne out of a desire to reach people and in some way allow my words to be “Lifelines to the Soul.” For me, to have my words available to read in print, is an amazing privilege. My wish is that this collection of poems, drawn from my extensive canon, will be delved into often and will become a great source of strength and hope to those who read them.

Sometimes it seems that the world is drowning in a morass of despair; of fear, of negativity. In these poems I have tried to shine a positive light wherever possible. This book is an attempt to encourage and empower the reader.

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3 replies

  1. Precious poems transporting you to an unknown world of spiritual feelings where your soul rejoices in Love.
    Daryl P Hall shows his mastery, his deep sensibility penning verse.
    Every poem is a surprising jewel.
    The whole book, a lyrical treasure.



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