Spotlight Poet: Jim Kennon

Spot 5










Burning Zens


Enough, philosophy… the mind can only make so much, take so much, break so much, ache so much, fake so much— a lake of such
I want to touch, lush, lust, fuss, bust, cuss, rust, sussss
Though, it change as much
Each moment day; leaky brains drip, skip
scatter, dust
like us

I must, though free as empty space to appear as such
everything is here
I, seer

Light is nothing
nothing is just
all this
hanging in the airs
put out a hand which was not there
eye wants
it creates itself from shadows of dreams
waving blinks, reams
folds of curved, new nerves
eyes of water
cry, smile, relearn

Water… which is not water
Still… this, which is not truly fire



© Jim Kennon

Featured Writer from “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”


Photo Credit: © Donna Sanders

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3 replies

  1. Disenchanted futility lopes ahead,… unrestricted wanderers break my windows painfully,….menus bare more tempting imagery than Aristotle,….indolent minors bask in foxless foolishness,….the lonely wasteland makes no promise,….yet nourishing morsels sustain sparsely.


  2. Thank you CTU means a great deal to me. Glad you enjoyed it.


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