Writing Tip: Turn Ugly into Beautiful

Photo 12Writing something beautiful is not always about butterflies, the stars and blooming roses. We often use these objects metaphorically to describe transformation, light and love. They can be overused quite a bit but there are many other non-traditional things we can use to create beautiful poetry.

How many other objects do we pass by without giving them a second glance or not seeing them worth using as inspiration? We have probably trampled over many rusted paperclips, thrown out many shards of broken glass, cut our foot in the sand on a shattered seashell. We see nothing of value in a half-eaten chicken bone, a stained t-shirt or the shredded tires left behind on highways. Why could we not use these objects into a poem and turn them into something beautiful?

Ugly Things.jpgRotted fruit may be disgusting, but once buried in dirt, it provides nourishment for plants. One could use it as a metaphor for a disintegrating humanity and take a positive outlook on how we can better ourselves.

The stench of a sewer is not pleasant, but life still somehow exists in its dungeons. People have souls reeking putrid scents, and we can use a sewer to show there is still hope to change a few from the darkness that hovers.

When you cut yourself on rusted metal, a tetanus shot is usually required for protection. Love can cut ones heart into many pieces, and the feeling festers. Use this unpleasant event and turn it into an appeasing sentiment to describe how love heals.

Poets are known for creating inspirational thoughts about rising from having broken wings or tattered sails. Many of us write about surviving physical and mental abuse. We look at the despicable ways of the world and do our best to bring a positive outlook with our words. So let’s continue to turn the ugly into beautiful. Look beyond the hideous objects; use them in delightful ways in your poetry.

Donna J SandersWritten by: Donna J. Sanders

Donna is a freelance writer and blogger in West Palm Beach, FL. She is the author of Ataraxia, Cardboard Signs, and Devour Me.

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  1. For beauty is not only found in the beautiful. Noted.



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