Writer Highlight Featuring: Andrew Neil Carpenter









Out there…


Out there in the vinyl black,

where scores of rock kissed the heavens’ track,

The planet of Being was a stable motif

There, in the music of the spheres.

And at the Being’s northern-most point—

Although often confused and facing the south—

There were seven seasons, each a clave,

And each more like itself than the last.

The first of these seasons shared its name

With the month with which it shared its time:

Salt, of sixty days, when Being’s moons

Savoured their time of night,

And whose reflected light

Brought glory to the sky.

Yet it was a most tempestuous month:

Cold, bitterly so, with winds coming in

From east, from west,

From neither, or from both.

And snow, green snow, that furnished all like moss…


Note: so fractured is the planet of Being that its story is incomplete.


© Andrew Neil Carpenter

Response to our Inspiration Call on August 10th, 2016



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Photo credit: © pixabay.com

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