The Ocean – Chandra Shekhar Pal


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And when she is gone

I follow my bleeding heart

To the ocean, my home

For the ocean listens and awaits my coming.

I kiss the waves, my body diving through the silky current.

Her fingers caress each part of my skin.

The ocean sways and dances back and forth.

I glide through the blanket, wrapped in the comfort of her embrace.

She holds me close to her through the night.

The ocean hums and sings a melody.

The vibrations move me, our bodies forming a sultry duet.

We dance in our own sacred bliss.

The ocean smiles and roars with laughter.

I fall into the watery hammock, gentle kisses caressing my face.

Our tongues speak without words.

The ocean tastes and feasts on every part of me.

I dive into the deep tumultuous waters.

Her mind probes deep within mine.

The ocean cries and moans with each stroke of my body.

The waves cover the ache in my heart.

Salty tears bathe my cheeks and I cry in her arms.

The ocean waves and follows my lead.

I return to the shore, each step more painful than the last.

The space between us grows farther with each step.

The ocean disappears and vanishes into the car mirror behind me.

Sobs erupt in my throat at my last glimpse of heaven.

I leave her standing on the doorstep.

The ocean moans and cries in my absence.

Each angry swell thunders against the rocks.

The pain of her last touch fills my heart.

The ocean wishes and waits for me.

The waves return to the shore.

My arms reach for the empty space beside me.

And my heart beats strong

With each memory of her

Found in my tears and my body and the sea …


© Chandra Shekhar Pal

10630564_686492608112234_7463579700998278960_o (2) About the Author

Chandra Shekhar Pal,28 years old, had been writing poetry since childhood.  He currently employed as a PGT (Post Graduate Teacher) in English, Associate Editor of The Five Literary Magazine, and Majors in English….Themes of Choice Are…Heartbreaks n Heartburns….Peace n War…And Anything that doesn’t let you sleep!


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