When Will Love Find Me? – Tammy Thomas

I’m tired of playing hide and seek. Here I am, now come get me.

Ha! I wish it was this easy. But this isn’t a game you see.
It takes time for love to journey through it’s path.

But are you ready the question often asked. Love won’t come until you clear your past.
When will love find me? We all contemplate on what love is or how it should be.

Love is not science nor a mystery. Don’t dwell on when, where, or who love will return. At this time it’s none of your concern.

First you must clean out your house called your heart. To have a beautiful start.

When will love find me? Look deep within yourself and you shall find that love never left.

© Tammy  Thomas

20160529_194956About the Author

Tammy is a single mother  and also a grandmother who loves reading and writing poetry as she can remember. She says poetry is an outlet to escape into relaxation.

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2 replies

  1. Sound advice on giving time to do a self check before one begins to venture out seeking love


  2. Thank you Melinda


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