Determination O’clock – Author Hrishikesh Padhye


The time has now come, to put an end to all the doubts,

to channel the aimlessly wandering thoughts,

to follow the sacred direction,

Shown by the inner consciousness…


The time has now come,

to say adios to cognitive-dissonance,

and to rectify the mistakes done in past,

By re-writing the History…


The time has now come

to quit boasting under the false illusion of invincibility,

and to start severe penance for grabbing the desired…


The time has now come,

to sacrifice the rest,

on the altar of dignity……


With the un-fathomable pace like the sun hidden in clouds,

the time has now come to run in an epic Marathon;

With the zeal of fire, and the invulnerable valor;

Getting set . . .


It is Determination O’clock!


© Hrishikesh Padhye

Echoes And Consequences Cover-page-0

Excerpt from the book “Echoes And Consequences”


About the Author

I am Hrishikesh, I am a student of third year, pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering in the Civil Engineering Branch of Government Engineering College, here in Jabalpur India. I believe in living with passion and dedication in whatever I do. I believe that art gives us inner happiness and a unique identity, it heals the wounds of torments on the heart of an individual who cherishes it. I do painting, Writing in different languages, Meditation and cooking for my spiritual well-being. I love to help people, I consider it as one of the prime objectives of my life. I like teaching too, and am obsessed with the mathematics subject. I am strict on myself and others, but never against the humanities.

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