Spotlight Poet: Chad Bittner Hurt

Spot 6










The other
shoe dropped
I’m not surprised
or confused

Keep it moving
count my breaths


Obvious and apparent
are my children to rear

They grow quickly
if I give them enough
rope to hang

I have to because
I can’t get anywhere
from here

I need to go
else first

I usually begin
with a thought
planted by a
therapist in
my earlier

“Mother was never there.”

with this to chew on
I can go all over the place
damn near everywhere

When I look back
I only ever see one set
of footprints behind me

So It’s just me
advancing in sand
but I’m in a good place

I Keep up with cleaning
every once in awhile
apply a fresh coat of paint

Lipstick on a pig
in the Saharan sun
that burns clear away

Other shoes keep dropping
but I refuse to take the bait

I won’t even look their way
though they still manage
to feel like an earthquake


© Chad Bittner Hurt

Featured Writer from “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”


Photo Credit: © Donna Sanders

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