BRAINWASH – Lindsay McLeod


A surgical sneeze against

these outrageous borders

of plastic apathy, a

staggering helicopter course

about the invisible helmet

of my congested clone.


And though the blade prevails

in dancing repair of my

patchwork hypocrisy, it

reveals no tailored baby

surfacing in moonlight

but a punishing mass of

struggling shrink wrapped

malevolent exes ascowl

in a mumbling trolley.


The following man emerges

anew in anxious envy to find

with cemented certainty

that a poor story deplores

a mobile dream.


© Lindsay McLeod

Lindsay McLeod

About the Author

Lindsay McLeod trips over the horizon every morning. He has won several prizes and awards and stuff for poetry and short fiction and published his first co-authored poetry collection, My Almost Heart, in 2015. He currently writes on the sandy Southern edge of the world, where he watches the sea and the sky wrestle for supremacy at his letterbox. He prefers to support the underdog. It is presently an each way bet.

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