Let the History of Labor Day Inspire You

Labor DayAs you prepare to celebrate Labor Day by taking advantage of the retail sales, going to the beach, having a barbecue or just relaxing at home, take a moment to remember why we have the day and how it has altered our history.

Labor Day began to commemorate the hard working people who built our great nation. The first Labor Day holiday was celebrated on Tuesday, September 5th, 1882, in New York City, and by 1894, Congress passed an act making the first Monday in September of each year a legal holiday in the District of Columbia and other territories.

Photographer Lewis Hines documented child workers in America in the early 1900’s and along with the protests of Mary Harris Jones; they started a movement that would end child labor and the horrific conditions they endured. Congress passed the Keating-Owens Child Labor Act in 1916, which established child labor standards, including a minimum age and barring kids under the age of 16 from working overnight.

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There is so much history to learn about the importance of the day. If you decide to reflect on the holiday, then it is the perfect opportunity to let it inspire you to write. Try these few approaches and see what you can come up with:

  1. Write a poem or letter to show your appreciation for the hard working men and women who are dedicated to their jobs. Thank the police officers, nurses, construction workers, coal miners and anyone who contributes to society.
  2. Think about the landmarks or parks we enjoy. Put yourself in the shoes of the stone carvers, the artists, the park rangers, the landscapers. See the perspective of the boat captains, the railroad workers, the train engineers, traffic controllers, pilots, and all the other people who are responsible for taking us to these places.
  3. Think about the history of America and how different it would be if not for the hard working people. Write about those children who were thrown into the workforce and worked with their families to make ends meet.
  4. Where are some places you could go to honor workers? Do you have any people in your family that contributed to the building of the nation during laborious times? Tell us about the ethics of your hard working family and how it affects your work today?
  5. Should anybody be working on Labor Day? Write about those that have no choice to work on the holiday. Write a scenario how would the country carry on if everyone had the entire day off?

Share your work with us on tomorrow’s Labor Day Writing Challenge on Creative Talent’s Unleashed Facebook Page.


Donna J SandersWritten by: Donna J. Sanders

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