Guest – Mahinour Tawfik



Standing at a funeral, all, in sorrow, was dressed

Soaked in sorrow as the verses were read

Pondering in the still, how much the girl is blessed

{When my time comes,

Loneliness will be my one and only guest}

 Ignorant of her name but the incident was tragic

{Taking her life}, they said, {can’t seem further from logic}

Would they’ve said that, upon a long walk in her shoes

Standing up to fall into much deeper blues?

Fighting silent battles to become her worst rival

Doing the time until she had to impose the final

Consciously consensual

After scars grew deeper, its woes seemed perpetual

Certain of life’s ruthlessness,

Never have I been aware that death

Robs lives whilst gathering more debts

From forsaken souls apart from the hearts it shreds

Mourning yesterday, grieving the future they pledged

On my knees beseeching Angel of Death

“Bring her back for a moment

To ascertain how much she was blessed”

Don’t let her be by eternal suffering possessed”

Wiped the tears, marching to pay my respects

Towards the coffin in which I was dressed

With a note alongside

{Does it make a difference, now that I’ve left?}


All battles fought in silence are fought with violence

© Mahinour Tawfik


About the Author

Mahinour Tawfik is from Egypt. She is a medical student born into a family of pharmacists. She wants to be a psychiatrist. Her hobbies are poetry and listening to songs and participation in charity work. Her dream is to travel around the world and be a well-known poetess and a successful psychiatrist.

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  1. Reblogged this on Mahinour Tawfik and commented:
    It’s an honor to having my anti-suicide poem “Guest” featured on CTU blog


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