Coming Soon: Imperfect Paths Anthology

Congratulations to the following contributors whom have been chosen for this publication

Imperfect Paths Contributors:


Foreword – Donna J. Sanders

Stolen Time – Tony Hicks

Whispers in the Shadows – Tony Hicks

Quest – Sarah Lamar King

Mirror – Sarah Lamar King

Snow Globe (the Year of the Divorce) – Maureen Buckley

 The Weight of the World – Maureen Buckley

I Clown – Don Beukes

Emergence – Don Beukes

Broken Mirror of Me – Baidha Fercoq

Courage – Baidha Fercoq

 Shattered Heart – Neha Talwar Tandon

 Spirit of Life – Neha Talwar Tandon

The Journey – Debasish Mishra

 Living for Love – Amanda J Evans

 Imperfectly Perfect – Amanda J Evans

AND SO – Elizabeth Deborah Cohen

Emptied – Brenda-Lee Ranta

 Things I Would Say – Brenda-Lee Ranta

My Father’s Son – Lynn White

Intertwined – Bonita Y. McCoy

Job Satisfaction – Vincent Van Ross

The Inheritance – Teresa Roberts

Snobs and Swine – Heath Brougher

The Ingrate – Heath Brougher

Cancer – Brigitte Poirson

Disillusionment – Mark Andrew Heathcote

It’s just hard luck – Mark Andrew Heathcote

 Suggestions – Paige Turner


December 20, 2011 – Real Life Event – Christena AV Williams

Mario Dean’s Death – Causing a Revolution – Christena AV Williams

Victory – Shirley Ann Cooper

 The Day I Had To Say Goodbye – Shirley Ann Cooper

Ebb Tide – Edward Ahern

God’s New Clothes – Edward Ahern

Defying Odds – Elizabeth Daniel

They – Vee Townsend

The Journey – Vee Townsend

Hero – Krista S. Vowell- Clark

I Am Not My Father  – Raja Williams

 Buried Alive – Raja Williams

 Poster Children – Debra McLain

Euphoria – Debra McLain

 A Mindless Patter – Ken Allan Dronsfield

 Broken – Ameena K.G

Secrets – Valormore De Plume

Echoes From The Past Repeat –  Valormore De Plume


Imperfect Paths Release September 30th 2016


Foreword . . .

 How many people can say they have not walked on rough terrain to get to where they are today? Most of us have been bruised and beaten to find out who we really are within; to find joy in this life we have been given. We are flawed beings with imperfect paths, and those turbulent journeys can either make us or break us.

 It is easy to blame our past wrongs, the people who have tarnished our trust, and the bad bets the world throws at us. But we still hold the power to make a choice to become better than the humans who hurt us; to be the voice of change by learning from the experiences which have attempted to break us. Along the many roads traveled, the decisions we make will determine who we are to become.

 Take a moment to walk in another’s shoes. The poets here have opened their Pandora’s Box, not to release the personal demons that taunt or once to keep them confined, but to share how to sever the weights one is shackled to.

 Donna J. Sanders, Author

This Anthology has been Sponsored by The Starving Artist Fund


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7 replies

  1. What a lovely surprise this morning, as I did not know before that I would be accepted! Yeayay Many Thanks yet again in this, my third anthology inclusion with CTU. Thanks to Raja and her awesome team!


  2. Reblogged this on Echoes of a SalamanDer – Don Beukes and commented:
    My third appearance in a CTU Anthology! #blessed


  3. I am honored to be a part of such a talented group of Poet’s.


  4. Wowwwww!! This is such great news at a time I truly needed a smile!! What a blessing this company is. I love Raja and thank God for her for always being a huge part of my smile.

    I am truly honored! Thank you family!!!


  5. I have enjoyed reading the beautiful works on the CTU site by various artists/poets. I am so thrilled and honored to have my works as part of ‘Imperfect Paths.’ What an amazing publishing company this is. A voice for the emerging artist. So special..”Bravo!!”



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