Spotlight Poet: Jeanette Nel le Roux

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Withering Emotions


if only spring could bring
blossoms of forgetfulness
I might well be able to turn the tide
of the tangled waves of fate

the vengeance of rain cannot be ceased at will –
even the geraniums droop in tears of sorrow
and I still perceive carnivores
on the dark side of the moon

mountains are bruised purple with distress –
even scarecrows hide away
when death becomes their
next door neighbour

perhaps, I am dying a little bit every day –
even my memories are betrayed
censored because of the appalling
nakedness thereof

I keep on belonging nowhere
I share my bed with unfaithful loneliness –
a willing whistler who cannot show me
the gateway to heaven

regardless, I still rouge my cheeks –
colour my lips blood red
and dress in lavish black lace
since gloom has overstepped its welcome


© Jeanette Nel le Roux

Featured Writer from “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”


Photo Credit: © Donna Sanders

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