Cousin – Navaster Twistree

It came at the full blossom of youth

He was strong, good looking and full of life

Slowly at first with an ache and a twitch

Like a thief in the shadows jealous of youth

Plucking at the blossoms of stability and agility

Never giving back always taking

Plucking the flower now of mobility and independence

Always taking no remission

What started slowly is now violent and vicious

Ripping into muscle and nerve

Youth has gone, but a blaze of colour still in his eyes

Locked in a broken body

Still fighting the thief in the shadows

That is now attacking internal organs

With no remission, nothing returned.

All that is left is a life of clutching at straws

Belief in false profits and chasing dreams

His days are long, but not as long as the nights

The hissing silence and the pulse of a broken heart

But when will it end, this disastrous mess

Taken by the monster M.S.

© Navaster Twistree

navaste About the Author

Navaster Twistree is aged 46 and from the north of England he is a father and husband. He has a various number of poetry published on line but none in print.

Due to a life altering work related accident he started writing and telling poems from the age of thirty.

Having Irish grandparent who travelled the world and passed down the art of storytelling to young Navaster Limericks and storytelling is in his DNA.

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