“MAGIC MINDS” – Justin R. Hart

The miracle of Magic is
within our own masterful Minds
where our focus of thirsty thoughts
ripens our potion of passion,
while our wise words of wizardry
are ingredients of Belief
which we simply stir with Intent,
as alchemy from the cauldron
of our collective consciousness
Manifests Magic with our touch
of vibrational frequencies,
casting our own sorcerer’s spell,
Shimmering in dark synergy,
bright within white Light energy.
Desire plants the sacred seed,
grounded in patient potential,
watered with our intention, while
will becomes deed’s dedication
that grew, sow soon to bud anew,
flower from our own fulfillment,
as these theoretical thoughts
have become our Dream’s Destiny!!!


© Justin R. Hart


About the Author

As a child, poetry gave Justin Hart his voice. Since then, he developed his style, enveloping traditional symbolism, using nature to relate possibilities deeper than the literal level, offering more than imaginative stories to relay desire, belief, and purpose. Aside from being a poet, Justin has been a photographer, videographer, musician, composer, counselor, and an English teacher. He was an inspiration to his students, yet he humbly states that it was his students who inspired him. Find us at harmonic-hart-visions.com

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