Letter to the Marine – Author Billy Charles Root

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Letter to the Marine


Four years ago, you left with nothing

Bound and determined, to become a man

So off you went, Marine in training

Semper fidelis, Was the plan


We didn’t know what to think

Worrisome tears on the brink

Would you ever come back home

Was our most fearsome thought

Though we never let feelings show

Our anxious fears are not forgot


Remember the letters Back-and-forth

We have every one of yours in a drawer

We tried to encourage you the best we knew how

I wonder if they helped you get to now


I prayed so many times

For God to send a friend strong in him

To give you strength of spine

And see you through to the end


Remember when we went to see you

Graduate boot camp

We barely recognized you at first glance

Your mom grew impatient in her wanting just to see you


And remember when I met you

In Lawton

And we spent those few hours bowlin and talkin

You told me that my visit helped a lot

Now just memories not easily forgot


All those long talks on the phone

All the new things you did

While I talked of home


The Christmases you weren’t there just weren’t the same

I’m not trying to make you feel bad only proclaim

That we grew too

In love and how much we missed you


I imagine all the fears you have faced and beat

Hurdles and obstacles behind you now

With your own two hands and feet

You did not retreat

And to defeat you did not bow


Remember when you came home

To ask Jessie to be your wife

How nervous you were short of breath and shaking with fright

Well I’m here to tell you that she’s one of a kind

And I know in my soul you two will be just fine.


During these past four years

There’s a question you’ve repeated oft

Do you remember what is was

I think I may have left it aloft

Up in the air unanswered.


You would ask me

Every so often

Am I a man now?


Do you think I’m a man now?

I can’t remember if I ever answered

And I never understood why it was so important

Around the answer I become a dancer

And I’ve left it lying dormant


So I’ve wrote this to complete the task

Of answering the question in which you ask


Do I think you are a man, yes

I’ve never thought you weren’t

Since the day you decided to go

Is the day the man in you began to show


Being a man has nothing to do with being tough

But the decision to be strong

It’s about our choices not our being gruff

And knowing where it is we belong


You became a man the moment you decided to do so

And now look at you coming home soon

You left with nothing but, you’re coming home with much more

Another new beginning in bloom


And we are so much more than proud of you, both of you.


© Billy Charles Root

Excerpt from the book “Pressing On”

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About the Author

My name is Billy Charles Root. I was born October 21, 1975 in San Bernardino California and was for the most part raised by my father In Rialto and Apple Valley California. In 1995 I moved to Oklahoma where my wife Tina and I have nine children combined and 3 grandchildren. I have been a professional automotive technician for twenty years now and I still am for the United States postal service.

Visit Billy’s Author Page At:www.ctupublishinggroup.com/billy-charles-root.html

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