How Poets Say Goodbye to Summer

fall-poetry-challenge-2016The CTU Fall Poetry Challenge is in effect for the month of October. This week on our Creative Talents Unleashed website we will highlight our two favorite poems from the first week of the challenge. We cannot wait to read all the wonderful fall theme poems and hope that everyone continues to be inspired to write from the prompts we provided.

Take a look at the poems below to see how some poets decided to say goodbye to summer on the 1st day of the challenge:

Goodbye Summer Elizabeth Daniel (Facebook)

Greens turn to bright embers,

Oranges and reds,

Leaves scurry to a bed of patchy grass below,

Little squirrels chatter amongst themselves,

Calling from treetops,

Perhaps discussing acorn recipes,

A chilly crispness in the air,

As a gust of wind flows by,

Grabbing their goods,

Disappearing in cubby holes,

I the careful spectator,

Hug the sleeves of my jacket,

With a sigh,

I whisper happily,

Goodbye Summer.



Goodbye SummerEva Vangie C. Novio (Facebook)

Man in Summer
Summer is when the leaves
yield to the warmth of the sun
even as the grass genuflects,
kisses the brown mound beneath.
Summer is when the trees sway and
twirl with the rushing breeze.
Summer is when the blazing sun
hugged the waiting horizon
smothered in its cool embrace.
Summer is when the moon claims the
heavens and reign supreme over the
wandering souls.
Summer is when the Man
bows his head
in obeisance
in servitude
as decreed.
What then is Man in Summer?
’tis the wispy scent of youth
in a wizened heart.



An Ode to October – Barbara Stewart (Facebook)


Picking tenfold the last of Summer’s harvest ,

dangling green peppers and tomatoes yet grow .

Walking between tall beds of yellow and orange Marigolds,

bending stems split – apart lay fallen …

Come’s, the blast of chilling rain’s,

first of October’s winds .


Goodbye Summer – bellalupa6 (Instagram)


Goodbye summer, my flighty friend

All good things must have their end

Yet you always leave upon a promise

Of falling leaves and wind harmonic

And in each season I find beauty

So you go – it is your duty

But if I’m not here when you return



But never burn


It’s not too late to start CTU’s Fall Poetry Challenge. Follow our Facebook page here.

2Written by: Donna J. Sanders

Donna is a freelance writer and blogger in West Palm Beach, FL. She is the author of Ataraxia, Cardboard Signs, and Devour Me.

Find out more about her here:


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Photo Credit: © Donna J. Sanders

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