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Introducing Ken Allan Dronsfield “The Cellaring”

Are you fascinated by fright?

Do you take delight in the unexplainable?

Does the forbidden entice you?

Does evil invite you?

Is it fear or infatuation that draws you, like a moth to a flame, towards wicked ways?

Make your way down, down, down – deep into the cathartic cellaring. Step into the creeping shadows of the dark side and lose yourself to the unknown.

 With a lump in your throat and a slow prickling at the nape of your neck, witness the blood-filled horizon of a vermilion moon rising, and with it the stench of bad omen.

 Be enchanted by rogue fairies and play fool to their devious ways and trickery, as you are dragged deep into the woods of days gone by and whisperings of near-forgotten fable.

 Take flight upon black as night wings of the raven, an ominous journey towards devilry and destruction. Discover haunted houses, abandoned asylums, the magic of witchcraft and scream out loud at the things that go bump in the night.

 And if you should come face to face with a clowns killer smile, don’t forget to give yourself a long, hard pinch – the nightmare that awaits you in The Cellaring is all too real.

 – L.J. Diaz, Author

Preface . . .

Walk in the dark to the door in the kitchen, grasp the knob and turn slowly, hearing a squeak like a dormouse, then creaking as you open it completely. Light the candle, step down, into the abyss; clearing the thirteen steps into the basement just a fathom below. It’s quiet and damp…lightning from far away lights up the room for a second. You find the breaker and flip the switch, a laugh from the corner, a shadow moves left….you hear a heartbeat and realize, it’s your own …welcome to the realm of   “The Cellaring.”

 Enjoy your visit!

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