Mothering Us – Author Kristina Neal Mosley

She had moved in, reconnecting endings like shadows following us
Rising, to make amends, telling of her memoirs
Thoughts of he, thoughts of she

Never losing the weight -she sacrificed her dreams
Mothering, to make the lights turn on
Mothering, to keep that heat- singe every fiery demon within

Mothering our names,
Mothering our pelvic rhythms,
Mothering my veins,
Mothering my wings that one day, I might over-stand the outcomes
My people gave the earth it’s dirt, my people are like you

Wanting to survive
Wanting life as privilege,
Wanting to taste goodness, like galaxies

Wanting joy like religion,
Wanting love, like sweet Serengeti,
Wanting their freedoms like you

© Kristina Neal Mosley

Cover Saltwater on My Knees

Excerpt from the book Saltwater on My Knees

kristina-mosley About the Author

Kristina Mosley: An Advocate for Women’s rights. Mother of three children, Holding an B.A in Mental Health, from Wilberforce University and Master of Jurisprudence from Widener University School of law, Health law M.J.

Visit Kristina’s Author Page At:

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