Night Caresses – Author D.B. Hall


Sometimes his screams wake her in the night

She’ll pull him close and hold him tight

On the morrow, she’ll ask and he’ll laugh it off

But she knows there’s pain under the scoff


Once again his voice mutters angry in the night

Sleeping uneasy, restless, something’s not right

In some other raspy voice, she hears him swear

While throwing punches viciously out into the air


She rubs his sweating back and whispers in his ear

And can’t help but wonder if he’s even really here

What could be these disturbing images in his head?

That leaves him shaking and sweating in their bed


Her heart breaks, what she can do to dispel

His nightly excursion into a dreamland of hell?

She would do anything to help his pain lessen

Does she have the courage to be his heaven?


So with love she gives him something to believe in

Demons and nightmares still try but find it harder to win

Painting with pure love, compassion from the heart

Daily she restores his soul, creating in him her work of art


Nightly she prays and watches to see if he regresses

Smiling as he slumbers beneath her sweet caresses


© D.B. Hall

Pebbles in the Stream


Excerpt from the book “Pebbles in the Stream”

D.B. Hall

About the Author

David Hall was born in a small town called Mount Airy (A.K.A Mayberry) nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains which are part of the large Appalachian Mountain chain. His early life involved a lot of traveling with his missionary parents, which involved stints of living in Mexico and Bolivia. His poetry reflects a love for nature and life mixed with a sense of the rustic Americana spirit and sprinkled with a lingering sense of the spiritual guidance infused by his southern religious upbringing. David has always been able to live in the moment enjoying it to the fullest while being able to be separated within himself seeking something more. Poetry is one of those outlets that gives him that something more. The diversity of genres and endless array of topics allow him to dive into poetry with reckless abandon or with fine-tuned precision; whichever is needed. Like a prism there are many sides of David, from the emotional connections when dealing with death, to the touch of the spring breeze on your neck hairs, David’s poetry can put you there.

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