Featured Writer: Gocni Shindler

No Love for Self

I’ve walked a lonely world

What feels like millenniums

Upon shoeless toes

Searching like a featherless bird

Seeking refuge from a raging storm

All alone, no foreseeable purpose

Filled with that desire

Given to visions

Dreams, like floating balloons

Deflated and sent to the ground

Just walking in an empty world!

I was that solo sailor

Two oars with only a small mast

Floating on the face of a god

Nothing but waste in openness

A vast, endless hope

Longing to be on a shore!

And in that longing, wondering

A sailor in love with his ideas

Something he believed in

Till hope faded

Hopelessness crept in

Voices from yesterday’s naught

Carried upon the wind

Adventurer was I

Seeking places of the worst type of treasure

Massing, items that faded

Like that of a leaf

Before the long winter sleep

Standing with eyes in the heavens

Walking tall and righteous

Valor filled eyes of greatness

Exploding like a bright star

Worn out adventurer

Older than his time

While giving nothing

Digging for wealth

As the bottom falls out

The world has crumbled

I was a survivor

Beaten to the grave

Broken meat

Wasted, not defeated
©Gocni Shindler


 About the Author

 My bioluminescence of a singular human

Apart, of the great humanity

Experienced, endured, suffered through, subsisted within worldly hell’s

Written in this manuscript of man

Beholds a legend, protecting the guinnocent

Odd describes the childhood

Raised in a tavern

Rebellion the theme of the teen

A kid on fire

Virtuous in the twenties

Looking for heaven

Lost within thirties

Discovering meaning

Goals of forties


More to follow as the clock to my demise tic toc’s away


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  1. powerful piece on disillusionment…


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