Writing Tip: Write When the Timing is Right

photo-15If you are trying your best to break into the writing scene by entering contests, responding to prompts, or even putting your first book together, I have one single piece of advice – don’t force it. By rushing into a writing task, one can get easily frustrated and give up, or the result could end up being disastrous. I have delayed my own books because I didn’t have the right poems to add to the collection. I have given up putting writing projects together because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to put in the time and dedication needed. I have passed on many prompts and contests because I didn’t have the inspiration at the time to write anything. Sometimes that sacrifice is needed so that we can refresh our minds.

There’s nothing wrong with having writer’s block. All writers experience it at some point in their endeavors, but when the timing is not right to put pen to paper, there are a few things that you can do to rejuvenate.

READ – If you have exhausted every thought in your head, take this time to read some books you have put aside. Pick up a different of genre of poetry you haven’t read before, or indulge in a novel you would not usually read. Go to the library and learn something new. You could be inspired by just simply reading.

ESCAPE – If all you ever do is work a regular job and then write during your spare time, it might be because you need a little escape from it all. Take a short vacation where you can unwind and relax. Enjoy a brief nature walk or a stroll on the beach to inhale some fresh air. Just get away from the surroundings you are used to.

FIND A NEW ACTIVITY – If you are just the creative type and seem to be running out of ideas, try taking up a new hobby. Do something athletic that will get your heart pumping. If you like a challenge, attempt a bold stunt like sky diving or parasailing. Delve into the weird by visiting abandoned insane asylums or old cemeteries. You never know when something different can motivate you write again.

BE STRANGE – Step out of the norm and do something unexpected. Dress in a costume and attend a local event and observe how people react. Do something drastically different with your hair or give your wardrobe a makeover. Hang out at places you normally would not go. Sometimes we have to escape our comfort zone to find inspiration.

Don’t stay in a slump when you can’t write. Use that time to observe, conduct research, and maybe even have a little fun. There’s no need to get frustrated when inspiration isn’t flowing. Contests and prompts will always be there. Just make sure the timing is right, and it will aide in producing a better quality of work.


2Written by: Donna J. Sanders

Donna is a freelance writer and blogger in West Palm Beach, FL. She is the author of Ataraxia, Cardboard Signs, Devour Me and Charcoal Kisses.

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Photo Credit: © Donna J. Sanders

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