Introducing Brenda-Lee Ranta “Myriad of Perceptions”


Preface . . .   

My mother recently told me, that while looking through old photo albums, she came across a poem I had written at the age of seven.  That was fifty-one years ago.

 A self-proclaimed introvert, throughout my life I have used poetry as a means of journaling, as a catharsis of sorts.

Later, the flow of words became an art form, documenting how I perceived people, events and the world.  It seemed only my blank, white paper, truly understood my emotions.

 Words will wake me in the night, words interrupt me while I work; springing into my head when I least expect their arrival.

 I log these moments.  I log the myriad of my perceptions.

 In love and peace, I share them with you….

Now Available 


Myriad of Perceptions by Brenda-Lee Ranta

Open yourself up to imaginative and thoughtful prose, lyrically soothing like an endless lullaby that embraces and caresses throughout the solitary days and nights. Inhale and exhale a poetry collection brimming with vivid stories, a reflection of stunning imagery.There is something incredibly raw and emotive within these pages, that strips bare the human soul. These verse provide sustenance for the lonely, splash color on a black and white canvas, and articulate beauty found in the ordinary.


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