Later Is Better Than Never And Greater Is Better Than Ever – Author Tony Haynes


Later is better than never

And greater is better than ever

To date we’ve

Endeavored as one

Revelators with jobs to get done


Because never won’t

Ever come later

Though better takes time

To be greater

Ever better takes climbs up the wall

Rather later than never at all


To pay reverence

Homage or severance

Allows us to cling to what’s clever

Now is later better than never?


…Or is greater better than ever?


No time like the present to fascinate

Even though we always procrastinate

V l let’s go somehow

Examine the here & the now

Revert to alert, make it work pull the lever…


…Later is better than never

 And greater is better than ever


© Tony Haynes


Excerpt from the book “Throwing A Dart Through The Heart Of Tradition”

Tony Haynes

About the Author

Before Tony realized he had this rare poetic talent, he was and still is a prolific lyricist, songwriter, music publisher and record producer. In this capacity, Tony has accomplished a great deal. “Send A Little Love,” his first song, was recorded by the Spinners in 1981. Since then, Tony’s songs have been recorded on over 200 albums, selling in excess of 60 million copies worldwide. These songs have earned him 60 gold and multi-platinum awards, as well as several ASCAP Awards. Songs from his Music Publishing catalogues include; Bobby Brown’s “Get Away”, Robert Palmer’s “Hyperactive”, The Whisper’s “Innocent”, Jeffrey Osborne’s “She’s On The Left”, as well as songs recorded by Karyn White, Earth, Wind & Fire, Al Jarreau, Regina Belle, Troop, Go West, SOS Band, George Duke, Chante Moore, Evelyn Champagne King, Peabo Bryson, Kool & The Gang, The Temptations, Isley Brothers and many others. He has collaborated with the most successful writers and producers in the world.

Visit Tony’s Author Page At:

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