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About the Author

Urban Truth

Creative Talents Unleashed is both thrilled and honored to announce the upcoming release of  Urban Gnosticism – Poet to an apostle of self by Author Urban Truth.

As a writer this is the part of his book of doctrines he was not looking for-word to, to talk of self…ironically! His life was manifested In Manchester England, within a sub area called Moss Side on an estate named Gooch Close. A place later to be plagued with gang violence, drugs and urban poverty. He was born into a mixed heritage family. Mother being Irish. Absent Father being of duel heritage, African and English, this is why he uses the terminology “hybrid”. A hybrid is what they made, a hybrid of heritage, a hybrid of mind, body and soul.

 Within an already turbulent and dysfunctional upbringing at home, schooling also managed to fail this future writer for reasons that would not show surface until he began the daunting yet enlightening search within, to find what soul is.

“This Childs wings could not be clipped by a social governing construct of ideology.” A curriculum designed to judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, this was just not he!

As a result of a decaying deep seeded urban existence, non-conformity to the plights of a fictional society he rebelled against.

This illusion that a soul must pay with time of his life he could never regain, this false social stature can lead a man down a profound array of dark beaten tracks, leading a soul from temptation into incarceration, the system had him either way! Bound by these physical constructs of a broken society, the answer posed the question, soulful ingestion. The hidden recollection of what is, what was, what shall be…

 He stumbled upon a documentary called Zeitgeist, this documentary was hard hitting, soul crumbling truths about the world we assume we live within, this had a profound effect on his sub-conscious, suddenly the doors of perception appeared as they should be, infinite.

 The journey began to choose itself along the corridors of in-form-ation, corruption, lies, war crimes, governments with criminal intent, this causes the immediate effect of soul resonance to who we really are. He eventually came across an ancient hallucinogenic molecule called DMT “Dimethyltryptomine” this was the spirit molecule to shatter what was left of the illusion we live within, the doors of perception was transformed to see without sight as we know it, his third eye was open, “the pineal gland” the seat of souls…

 What was unearthed was an alchemy of esoteric know-ledge, to which doctrines from an ancient new breed of mind, the gnosis of a spiritual kind.




Preface . . .

 Welcome to my journey upon the path to find self, a path filled with ingested reality most cannot see, a dusty old road that lead me on an internal resonance to synchronicity.

This intern-all view was and continues to be the hardest and most beautiful thing eye could go through, for the ease in which most coast through life in a state of repetition is vast, the choice to look within is full of pain, self-doubts, crumbling of untruths, in a sense it is the act of self-destruction to a new construction.

To stand before true un-known self and ask who am eye, before the constructs of society define our very essence, is daunting just to write, never mind live through. But here we are, me regurgitating all angles of my path of self…

Urban Gnosticism

Available November 19th, 2016

Visit Urban Truth’s Author Page To Pre-Order Your Copy Today!



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  1. Let me know as soon as this is for sale 🙂 excited !! Well Done !! NTP



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