Cannabis Daydreams – Author Matthew deVilleaux


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Cannabis Daydreams

Living amongst closed minds

behind closed doors have a smoke,

Living amongst blurred lines, duck in the shadows,

for another toke,

Living amongst ties that bind, In a fucking skewed society,

Greed to fuel the need,

purpose not the number one propriety,

Power make a man sour, folks give up liberty quietly,

Shout the motherfucking facts!

Pass that bowl and give me a match!

I’ll say what I mean, no sugar coating, total candor!

Ease my stage fright, by robustly filling the bongs chamber!

Eradicate measles and small pox,

Cancer treatment a cash cow,

So people die, politicians suck, silver tongued fox,

Darkness of the abyss, depression plagues this poetic artist,

Elected one’s lies, chemicals instead of nature,

shake my angry fist!

Would you die for me?

I’d die for you, if your cause be true,

New scientific finds, time for new beliefs and ideas from different minds,

Let me smoke, dude, without worry,

you scared of how high I can climb?

Misinformation used for the youth’s wrongful education,

From under our feet Roosevelt pulled the rug,

I call bullshit on what is said,

Mary Jane ain’t no gateway drug,

Reefer Madness, a pile of lies,

a girl sick from chemo, still denied,

Tell the truth with your hundred dollar haircut and your

thousand dollar suit,

Why chemicals from a scientists still?

Why not an herb grown in a natural field?

Why not face the truth and the sanity,

not madness, reefer brings?

Make them come true, all of our cannabis daydreams.

© Matthew deVilleaux

Excerpt form the book “Divided Lines – A Poet’s Stance”

Divided Lines

Foreword . . .

In a world of ever increasing advances seemingly created to make our lives easier to manage, envisioned to bring us together, to draw us closer, we are still in many instances isolated and at odds and validly apart. Something is missing, there is a snag, a rip, a hole in the spiritual fabric that we all see; yet we continue to fail to address.

 It has been said by self-proclaimed philosophers, theologians, scholars’ and politicians that the abuse of words can be a danger, there are those that believe words are a leading factor in what ills our society. Of this we do not deny in full, there have been abuses, history is but a melody to that fact, yet it is also true that words have the innate capacity to bridge, to heal that which divides.

 Opinions, views, religions, nations, people, even love divides. The focus of this book and the poets here in, is to give breath to a wide range of issues both small and controversial that lie beneath the surface. Things that we are often hesitant to discuss. In saying that, I will offer that the role of a poet is not to persuade or to add more rhetoric to the static we hear. A poet’s responsibility is to shine the light of awareness, to create a platform for dialogue, for healing, to gather up the images in an attempt to understand what we see.

Demitri Tyler, Author

Now Available at:

Creative Talents Unleashed:

100% of all proceeds from this book are being donated to the “Starving Artist Fund” to assist writers in becoming published authors. Purchasing this book can help a writer become a published author!

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