Featured Writer: Krista S Clark


Challenge a seemingly never-ending, unfathomable journey.                                                  Gaze extremely vividly,
beyond rims of a suspicious, smile.
Sashe ever so cautiously, questioning every curve.
Never lift concentration albeit a mere blink of a split second.
Peer amidst bright boisterous poppies and beaming rays of sunshine.
Ignore luscious scents of fragrant, lavender lilacs.
Sprint towards glistening,  gleaming traces of light.
Thrust abruptly with unhuman like force against nature.
Dive into the desolate solitude of darkness.
Burst the unrepairable, never before seen,  crimson seal.
Scale gigantic walls constructed of vicious, poisonous reptiles, seeking their next victims.
Rise above rapid flames  like a magnificent phoenix experiencing its first flight.
Extinguish unbearably  fierce, billowing heat.
Navigate hesitantly on  narrow, spiky, misleading paths.
Trample through deep, dark, bone chilling dungeons.
Breathe profusely into the  swollen lips of a limp, lifeless body.
Reveal the TRUE COLORS of a wretched, almost unreachable, dying, abandoned soul.

© Krista S Clark

fb_img_1467128442771 About the Author

Krista puts emotions from life experiences, into written words. Her poetry is a personal form of expression and at the same time, a release to free herself of pent up emotions, in hopes of making the reader feel present and experience them, with her.  She strives to encourage and give hope to the reader. Krista is the 2016 Realistic Poetry International Contest winner. In her free time she mentors up and coming young poets and  is an avid volunteer for many causes in her community, where she resides in Virginia. Krista has been published in Raven Cage Ezine, The Poetry Community, Tuck Magazine, Scarlet Leaf Review, Peeking Cat Poetry and many other literary publications.

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2 replies

  1. wonderful piece..


  2. Author Krista S, Clark, CONGRATULATIONS; this award is so deserving of you and your writing skills/talent!!! I am as equally proud to share in on it as if it were mine (smile). Your writing prose are beyond measure. Your friend and colleague, Pittsburgh Author Renee’ Drummond-Brown (Renee’s Poems with Wings are Words in Flight).


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