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Tamsen Grace

About the Author

Tamsen Grace

Creative Talents Unleashed is both thrilled and honored to announce the upcoming release of  Skeletons in My Closet by Author Tamsen Grace.

These poems were not written for a book. These poems were put together in a book, but they were written for me. They were the way I kept a tenacious hold on a world that was falling apart around me. These poems were my lifeline to who I had once been, but more importantly they were a gateway to who I was to become.

 Through these words I dealt with ending an abusive relationship, fought through a brutal divorce, faced breast cancer and finally discovered all that I had in me.

 My poems were cathartic, I released all my pain, my fears, everything inside me that said I wasn’t good enough; all my skeletons. I set them free and in the process healed myself.


Preface . . .

We all have things from our past that tie us down or prevent us from moving forward. We like the world to see the glossy version of ourselves, the one we post on social media. The beautiful, smiling, ageless, strong and successful version that we create, our own personal work of autobiographical fiction. The reality is our past, with all those skeletons rattling around in our closets is what forms us, what makes us unique.

Our struggles define us and make us who we are meant to be. This is a book about my past, my struggles, and my times of trial and triumph. I have lost love, fought through cancer and divorce and reinvented myself. I no longer care about having a glossy version of myself, I have set my skeletons free. I have learned to love myself, scars and all.

Skeletons in My Closet

Available November 26th, 2016

Visit Tamsen’s Author Page To Pre-Order Your Copy Today!




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5 replies

  1. Can’t wait to order myself a copy!


  2. Thank you do much Shelly


  3. I ordered, received and read the book and I love it! Tamsen, you are such a talented and beautiful woman! You have been blessed with such a creative spirit and I thank you for sharing that with so many of us! The inspiration you bring to life help give purpose and drive to those who may have lost their way and just needed that extra push to get us going! I love you my dear sweet friend! Keep writing and allowing that creative force to continue to help us connect not only with you but with ourselves and others!



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