Meet American Poet: Christopher Allen Breidinger


About the Author

Christopher Allen Breidinger

Christopher Allen Breidinger is an American poet, songwriter, and musician currently residing in Winter Haven, Florida with his wife and daughter. Born a Navy brat, much of his early years were spent in a constant shuffling of locations from Missouri to Texas to Wisconsin and Indiana.

At 12 years old, he was sent to The Indiana Soldiers and Sailors Children’s Home. This is when he began writing as an escape from the pains of failed marriages and abusive boyfriends and ultimately, the hollowness of abandonment. He excelled in English and creative writing courses throughout his educational years. His first published poetry came when he was 15 years old in an anthology of amateur poets.

Poet Christopher’s Books


BookCoverImageChristopherThe profoundness and often stunning truthfulness of his writings become apparent when you begin reading his first published book of poetry. Poet Christopher is a poet personified and it is clear in Scenes, Dreams, and Golden Schemes that he is on a mission to inspire and motivate the mind of the reader.



“A brilliant collection of poems! I almost ruled out poetry ,before stumbling on this inspiring poet. The poetry is representative of the times we find ourselves in currently.It is like listening to the “Blues”,but written down in a collection of poems!”

  • By Martina Lumb



With his second book, Myths, Methods, and Golden Messages, it becomes increasingly obvious that a very bright light emulates from the words magically crafted by this astounding poet. His poems are a powerful testament to honesty, integrity, compassion and love.



“I began reading Poet Christopher’s work on Facebook when he would reply to a post with one of his poems. I went to his site and found even more poems, none of which were shallow, pretentious, or tedious. When he announced his poetry book would be published soon, I found myself saying, “Yes! This is something I definitely want!” Now that I have thoroughly enjoyed this first book, I am ready for the second. In the meantime, I will avail myself of his new work on his Facebook site…”

  • By Allyson Bryant

Poet Christopher

His third book Truths, Treasures, and Golden Pleasures Invites you to search the pages and use these metaphorical maps as guideposts to finding the truths, the treasures and the golden pleasures inside yourself.




“Loved this set of poems, especially the poems, “Scenes” and “Tears of Alone.” They were written with a certain eloquence and I relate to them both very much. Poet Christopher writes very personal poems and invites the reader to a look at his life. His poem, “In my head” was really funny and I enjoyed it. His poem,”Politics and Religion” hits a soft spot with me as it talks about our modern human condition and his dream for a better world. “Ode to Inspiration” mentions several famous poets and I like this poem as a fellow poet. All in all, a fantastic set of poems. I look forward to reading more.”

And finally his New Release Divine Business, Christopher shares his thoughts, perceptions, and ideas regarding the world we are currently living in.christopher-book-4

Divine Business

Available December 10th, 2016

Visit Christophers’s Author Page To Pre-Order Your Copy Today!


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