CTU Press Release: Pushcart Prize Nominees 2016

274539_3e0b1922a5da4a1e95848b4475b75e30mv2Creative Talents Unleashed is pleased to announce our nominations for the Pushcart Prize awards for work published by us in 2016.

We have nominated the following authors for the Pushcart Prize:

  • Angela M. Bertoli – God Called You Home
  • Kristina Neal Mosley – When I Remember Me
  • Christopher Allen Breidinger – Love and Light in Vision and Sight
  • Scott Thomas Outlar – Detoxification
  • Jody Austin – Being A Poet Is Easy?
  • Sarah Lamar King – Ruins

About the Pushcart Prize:

The Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses series, published every year since 1976, is the most honored literary project in America.

Since 1976, hundreds of presses and thousands of writers of short stories, poetry and essays have been represented in our annual collections. Each year most of the writers and many of the presses are new to the series. Every volume contains an index of past selections, plus lists of outstanding presses with addresses.

The Pushcart Prize has been a labor of love and independent spirits since its founding. It is one of the last surviving literary co-ops from the 60’s and 70’s. Our legacy is assured by donations to our Fellowships endowment.

Creative Talents Unleashed Pushcart Nominees of 2016:


  • Angela M. Bertoli – God Called You Home

Introducing Angela M. Bertoli “Moonlit Thoughts”

About the Author: Meet Angela M. Bertoli


  • Kristina Neal Mosley – When I Remember Me

Introducing Kristina Neal Mosley “Saltwater on My Knees”

About the Author: Meet Kristina Neal Mosley


  • Christopher Allen Breidinger – Love and Light in Vision and Sight

Introducing Author Christopher Allen Breidinger “Poet Christopher’s Truths, Treasures, and Golden Pleasures”

Meet American Poet: Christopher Allen Breidinger

Seated (Visions of Verse)

  • Scott Thomas Outlar – Detoxification

Introducing Scott Thomas Outlar “Happy Hour Hallelujah”

About the Author: Meet Scott Thomas Outlar


  • Jody Austin – Being A Poet Is Easy?

Introducing Jody Austin “This Is My Pen – Volume 1”

About the Author: Meet Jody Austin

Sarah Lamar King

  • Sarah Lamar King – Ruins

Introducing Author Sarah Lamar King “My North Star Misled Me”

About the Author: Meet Sarah Lamar King



For more information about the Pushcart Prize Visit:



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  1. Congratulations to some very special poets, I wish you all the best! I am also so very proud of CTU and have the utmost respect for the level of genuine support you offer your published authors!! I am also most proud to be a part of this incredible family!



  1. Indie Authors Published By Creative Talents Unleashed – Support a Writer Today! – Creative Talents Unleashed

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