Spotlight Poet: Nolan P Holloway Jr.













Awakened with pain

Giving thanks for feeling is present

But dull and drains the focus

Medicate temporary

Sensation constant

Distraction apparent

Scribing through is difficult

Must fortify the temple for the coming storm

The inside has the strength but the outer aging needs some repair

Let us join to reinforce our edifice

Sending up prayers to the Carpenter

To begin repairs to prop up the weakness of our structures

Looking out the window into the morning distance

Wierd because the darkness has shades

And I can still see

Can hear there is a forcast of rain

It has not yet come but we can prepare

Going out yet coming home

Hurting but also healing

Doubting but being hopeful

Impatience but waiting

Emotional crossing over to a place not known

Will take some advil and wait for the outter pain of the temple to subside



© Nolan P Holloway Jr

Featured Writer from “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”


Photo Credit: © Donna J. Sanders

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