Featured Writer: Markus Fleischmann



I, like the morning sun awakening

Kiss the dew laden blossom of your flowering desire with gentle wind swept caresses until your dawn has broken and the fleshly sky painted with your erotic nectar

I, like the spring reborn

Touch the soul of your cloudless sky, to hold above you the illuminating starry night as hand in hand I watch you gracefully sweep over my evergreen land accompanied by a gentleman

I, like the winters serenity

Find my heart’s home made of your tranquility as I become your rooted tree for you to rest in the shade of me as time no longer breathes for my love of you reached eternity

I, like the birds in flight

Carry your heart to rest in the cradle of blissful delight when silvery moonlight paves the way watching you slip sleepily away in softest dream guarded by sentry of me, your love, your home, your heart

Wolf in me


©   Markus Fleischmann

markus About the Author

I have been writing for over 26 years and I enjoy every moment of it, for I see how many people my writing has touched. To write in the form of dreams and desires, to write the emotion felt brings my screaming thoughts peace. I’m like many professional writers have a career and family but will always find the time in this fast paced life to weave words and rhyme.


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3 replies

  1. Truly beautiful, a peaceful poem filled with love 🙂


  2. This piece ” The Promise” is about connecting with one’s desires, it’s about the way of “being” when one shows affection and understanding. In a romantic relationship there has to be total acceptance of each other, lust and desire is natural. Thank you to all who have read my writing 🙂
    ~Author Markus Fleischmann


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